MAGIX Video Pro X13 V19.0.1.105 Crack Full Torrent 2021 Free Download

MAGIX Video Pro X13 V19.0.1.105 Crack Latest Version Full Download Crack 2021

MAGIX Video Pro Crack: Video editing and powerful video production are possible with this software. A video editor, this software has won several awards. Professional users will find it very useful as it offers a variety of powerful tools for post-production. With this software, you can edit your images and videos in a detailed way, and see the results in a cinematic way. With this software, the sound quality is outstanding. There are many tools available in this program. A video production tool gives you the ability to edit multiple cameras and GPU-optimized video effects. A video’s sound can be adjusted using the audio editing tool. Sound effects can be controlled with the Audio editing tool. In addition, the sound is optimized. The program also comes with a plug-in package called NewBlue Looks. It has color filters, transitions, and proDAD Mercalli V2 to stabilize images.

MAGIX Video Pro X13 free torrent 2021

The visual characteristics of one video can be transferred to another video by using MAGIX Video Pro X13 with a serial number or a key. Two separate videos are completely converted into one automatically by matching the color tones. It offers the 25 latest title templates that create a whole new look and feel for videos. In addition to supporting Intel HEVC/H.265, it provides ultra-fast hardware acceleration with ultra-fast rendering. The OpenFX standard is now capable of being used as video effect plug-ins.

MAGIX Video Pro Free Download Latest Version 2021

Native support for the ProRes codec is included in the latest MAGIX Video Pro X13. The software provides users with free tutorials to help them get started. With the help of different templates and editors, you can bring new life to your projects while learning how to use different tools. This software also allows the creation of 4K section animations for lower-resolution footage and image detailing. In addition to a few other tools in this software, the 360-degree editing tool is the most powerful.

The tool provides an array of options for editing footage from the newest 360-degree cameras that produce more fascinating videos.  Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 8 are required for this software to function. The deep color processing of 16 bits is able to provide detailed color grading. You can make your videos even more amazing and wonderful by using this software. The original video editing points out your minor mistakes. To meet the media industry’s high standards and for editing videos, MAGIX Video Pro X13 is highly recommended by professional filmmakers.

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Software Screenshots:

MAGIX Video Pro X13 full torrent

MAGIX Video Pro X13 serial keygen

MAGIX Video Pro’s Key Features:

  • Choosing a color

Choose the perfect shade of color in just a few clicks. Using the color picker, you can find the color you’re looking for in a flash. Using the OFX effects plugin, you can now design colors in the OFX title editor and plugin as well. Time-saving and easy to use.

  • Export your chapters

As opposed to having to export the entire movie, you can now export chapters individually.

  • Menu design redesigned

Navigate to the symbol of the transition in the Arranger to open the object and display the transition. You can view dynamically changing menus as you use transitions, save the transitions you have applied, or mark favorites in lists. Therefore, the next time you use the program, you will be able to find the transition you need.

  • Customized LUTs and Camera Effects

In MAGIX Video Pro X12, you can embed your own lookup tables in the area of effect, making it easy to use, just like the LUTs it provides.

  • The effects pool has been modernized and the workflow has been streamlined

We have modernized and adapted prior versions of media sets. A new plugins dialog box has also been added that uses the latest GUI technology.

  • Starting a New Dialog Box

The interface has been simplified and the workflow streamlined.

  • In-app content purchase

Stores that sell app content allow you to purchase only the parts you need, not the whole thing.

  • The new Media Pool and the in-app store

With MAGIX Movie Edit Pro effects, you can also use them with Video Pro X.

  • Tables with lookups

Lookup Table Management is now available on Video Pro X! Using the snapshot mapping feature, you can import camera LUTs, create custom views with LUTs or predefined designs, and record your own LUTs.

  • Stamps with snaps

Objects in the video can be marked with the snap marker. With a stapler, one can rotate, stop, stop and rotate, between and around objects. You can use this to cut, move, and synchronize objects.

  • Optimization of the user experience

You can now save the settings of the custom program window. A number of changes were made to improve the workflow related to speed.

  • Creating a layer mask

The title and object of the video are easily hidden. The model area contains a variety of alpha masks. If the title object does not appear, fade the video’s border transparently.

  • Using 16-bit color for accurate color grading

As of February 2018, the primary internal color classification workflow is now driven by 16-bit deep colors, rather than 8-bit deep colors. Color evaluation and color correction are made possible with 16-bit color processing.

  • Masks of effect

Apply the desired effect to the selected area of the image using the alpha mask. With this tool, you can edit your effects in more detail and apply selective blurring.

  • Performance of OFX plug-ins

OFX’s enhanced performance makes it possible to play certain video effects in real-time. The optimized video effects now use more processing power, resulting in smoother playback.

  • Exposed with curves in advanced mode

Modifying individual RGB channels and lighting with Bezier curves is possible with color correction and detailed tone values. You can manually adjust the contrast of your video through nonlinear editing and using flat or newspaper profiles.

  • Full HD output with reduced Moiré effects

Exports of Full HD videos seem to have less brightness and moiré patterns.

  • A match for the shot

Videos from other recordings can now be streamed. Matches the colors and tones of two different videos automatically.

  • Border effects for images

Using a smartphone for portrait recording now doesn’t compromise the display of your video. It provides seamless integration of images.

  • Cameleon Effect: LUT

Now you can choose which view your movie displays. Known movies or other recordings are simulated by Lookup Tables (LUTs). It comes with several LUTs. You can create your own online and save it. Additional tables are available free of charge online. Easy and quick assembly. On even the most demanding projects.

  • Maps by Magic

A variety of creative options are available to present your routes as a captivating animation using the MAGIX Travel Maps module. You can select from a wide range of waypoints and vehicles, including those showing the different phases of your journey. A slideshow can also be created by placing different photos along the route.

  • New fonts and title templates

Combine the title template with new titles and fonts to create a compelling visual effect. The new predefined title standards also provide a clear overview and access to all new fonts. Display every letter or word on any screen to add a special touch to the opening and closing credits. For a memorable video from start to finish.

  • Monitoring of objects

This version of Magix Video Pro X13 incorporates professional object tracking for tracking titles, captions, and graphics. People or objects can be pinned to move around the movie. If you are concerned about privacy, you can also make license plates or facial pixels unrecognizable.

  • Dynamic slow-motion effects

Slow-motion movements are controlled using the mainframe in a smooth manner, with smooth transitions. Better image quality is achieved by interpolation.

  • Animation for four quadrats/sections

In 4K movies, for editing portions of high-quality images. You can, for example, switch between different zoom levels in 4K footage to make the result more dynamic. Affected areas of an image, such as those with motion, maybe sharpened by using this method.

  • Introductory and concluding sequences

You can create a perfect start and finish for your movie in no time by using new templates for intros and outros. From the beginning, be creative and engaging.

  • The chroma key effect has been redesigned

The green/blue screen presets offer high-quality results because they utilize improved dumping and extraction algorithms.

  • Handling of the true color space

HEVC, AVC, and MPEG-2 are just a few of the business formats Video Pro X can handle in real-time.

  • Engine 2 of the Infusion Engine

Using INFUSION Engine 2, most computers will be able to edit videos smoothly. With Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA GPU support, just about anything can be played back free, from multitrack projects to Ultra HD resolutions up to 8K.

  • Supporting 6K

Xara now includes custom templates for 6K videos in Projects, Movies, and Presets. Imports from the GH5 camera are also supported.

  • Support for 10/12-bit Professional formats

MAGIX Video Pro X13 v19.0.1.106 Full Crack can also output professional formats such as HEVC and AVC with 10 and 12-bit color depths. Your video equipment now enjoys a wider variety of light areas as well as richer and more contrasting colors thanks to the higher color depth.

  • Defining 265

With Video Pro X, you can edit video with ultra-fast hardware acceleration using HEVC and H.265 video codecs. Encodes footage from current 4K cameras to H.265.

  • An image format named HEIF has been introduced

Video Pro X now supports Apple iPhone 8 multimedia in full with support for HEIF, Apple’s newest image format.

  • An AVX-optimized algorithm

The video processing engine in AVX Video Pro X optimizes for internal images and 3-way color correction, which speeds up image processing, improves color conversion quality, and frees up resources. Effects that are “additional.”.

  • With NVIDIA NVENC, exports are accelerated

Thanks to improved NVENC support for NVIDIA, MGP X13 v19.0.1.106 Activator delivers faster export times. Due to these improvements, NVIDIA GPU encoder exports will now be completed at least twice as fast as before. Fast performance for brilliant results.

  • With NVIDIA GPUs, you can export HEVC

In addition to HEVC / H.265 video export, CUDA support also enables GPU-based video processing.

  • Multithreading support for OFX

Multiple processor cores are supported by the OFX plug-in interface.

  • Creating CDs and DVDs

With our DVD and Blu-ray Disc Creator, you can create professional CDs and DVDs. Create your own animated menu or choose from a variety of pre-made templates. Create models and save them for future projects or use them for editing later, for example in Xara Designer Pro X.

  • High-quality video for broadcast

High-quality audio cleaning tools and automatic functions provide clear sound and natural frequency. Using the built-in effects path, you can apply high-quality audio effects directly to a channel. Normalizes the TV loudness standards EBU R 128.

  • There is one surround sound system

It lets you use an audio mixer to mix and mix your surround sound in real-time, with full control over each channel.

  • Real-time audio mixing

The channel strip feature allows for the editing of effects for individual audio objects as well as the separation of effects like EQ, Compressor, and Delay for each track.

  • Virtual Studio Tools 2

Utilize a VST standard third-party audio vendor plug-in for mixing, mastering, and restoring audio. At any time, you can add new plugins to your library.

  • Integrate audio cleaning into your workflow

The hissing, clicking, and wind can be precisely turned off with just a few clicks.

What’s new in MAGIX Video Pro X13?

  • A new engine for INFUSION

Now Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics cards can run seamlessly on the INFUSION Engine 3 platform. Now, in addition to supporting high-performance playback for complex content in 8k, INFUSION Engine 3 can also export video in HEVC and AVC formats.

  • A new object handle and flexible rotation point

Video objects in the program monitor can be scaled and positioned with greater control thanks to the new object handles. As a result of the new flexibility, you can now lasso objects around a point of your choice.

  • Storyboard in panorama

With the panorama storyboard, you can see your project even more clearly. A large thumbnail puts the subject of your video at the center of the screen, so you can keep a clear overview even of more complicated projects. Audio workflows with easy-to-understand visualization are impressive.

  • Keying & Flares: Extraction of precise objects & light effects with FXhome Ignite

Chroma-keyed and light effects combine in FXhome Ignite Keying & Flares. You can extract objects and improve green screen footage using various tools. With automatic lens reflection, you can easily incorporate stock footage into your footage, and a variety of features make it easier to use.

  • Graphics cards with multiple GPUs

With multi-GPU support, you can separate the processing of import, effects, and export. Thus, you can take advantage of the computing power of two or more graphics cards from different manufacturers to support program performance.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows 7 SP1/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (64-bit only – all editions)
  • 2.4 GHz multi-core processor
  • 2 GB of RAM(Memory)
  • 2 GB free hard disk space available
  • 1280 x 1024 display

How to Crack MAGIX Video Pro?

  • Download the file first of all
  • Extract this and forced to play all
  • Then Install in a device then close this app
  • Now Press to Active special software
  • Wait for activation Process
  • Its take a 2 mint for activation
  • Finally, that’s all done.🤝

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